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Music & Entertainment

Music and Entertainment is one of the most important aspects of any event, if not the most important. Hiring quality audio equipment cannot be overstated as it adds a fantastic atmosphere when coupled with the appropriate musical selection to suit the event.


Music can be delivered via audio system controlled by a disc jockey, or it can delivered by live entertainment such as (guitarist, steel band, live band, saxophonist, violinist etc.) 


P.A. System

A P.A. System is the short name for Public Announcement System. This setup usually includes one or two powered speaker monitors on stands with a mixing board and two cordless microphones. 


Lavalier Lapel Microphone

A Lavalier Lapel Microphone otherwise called a "Lapel" is a discreet clip on microphone that is often used for public speaking that offers a hands free operation. This is mainly used by public speakers in seminars or the bride and groom in order to efficiently record their vows for video production.


Audio System

Our full range audio system includes Powered Monitors on stands, Subwoofers, Mixing Board, Cordless Microphones, DJ Console and a standard white DJ Booth. The number of monitors, subwoofers and microphones provided will depend on the needs of the client.


Live Entertainment

Live entertainment is an excellent way to evoke excitement and energy into your guests. There are different types of live entertainment that can be solicited for your wedding or party such as Steel Band, Live Band, Guitarist, Saxsophonist, Violinist, Solo Singer and Pianist. Whichever live performances you are interested in, we provide the necessary audio system to facilitate all external live performers audio needs.

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