Catering & Bar

Food and Beverage combined is considered to be one of the most important elements of any event. A successful event experience is not only based on the type of food and alcohol that is being served, but it is based on the manner in which they are served. We ensure that our catering and bar service is efficient by providing adequate staffing based on the event guest count so there is little to no wait time for guests to enjoy whats on the menu.


Catering Service

Concept to Creation Catering offers full service catering which includes the food, hardware and staffing. They offer both buffet and plated service for weddings and all on site food stations for corporate events and fun days. 


Catering Hardware

Clients have varying needs which is why we give you the option to rent our catering hardware items which include flatware/plateware, cutlery, chafing pans/ food warmers, jerk pans, serving trays and everything in between.

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Bar Service

Concept to Creation Cateringalso offers Bar Service which can be a complete package including beverages, chasers, wines, spirits, hardware and staff, or we can also provide bar setup with hardware and staffing allowing you to provide your own alcohol.


Bar Hardware

Renting Bar Hardware is a great option for those who want to provide their own beverages and alcohol. With this option, we provide bar counters, bar shelves, cooling pans, igloos, water jugs, bar trays, glassware,  bartenders and all the other accessories to carry out an efficient bar service.