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Signage has become a main staple in most weddings and events with the welcome sign being the top contender. With couples having access to millions of inspiration pictures, themes and ideas, signage has taken on its own life being displayed on different materials such as acrylic, mirror, glass, wood and even fabric.


Welcome Signs

Impress your guests with a great welcome sign. This is generally used at weddings, baby showers and birthday parties.


Wedding Hastags

For all our younger clients who frequently utilize social media, this is a great way to let your guests know which hastag to use when posting their photos. This is an awesome way  for guests to share their pictures from your event that you may have otherwise missed.

20190628_165724~2 (2).jpg

Open Seating

Open seating signs are typically used in a casual setting to make guests feel relaxed and comfortable in the absence of a formal seating arrangement.


Seating Charts

If you want to organize your guests based on family groupings and common friends, this mirrored seating chart is a classy way to display your seating arrangements as guests can take a quick peek at themselves while locating their table.

IMG-20121105-02095 (2).jpg

Directional Signs

Directional Signs are extremely helpful to guests during your event as they point them in the direction of the ceremony, cocktail hour, reception, dancing, bar, buffet, restroom, parking lot etc.


Sweet Treats

Dessert stations are certainly a favorite for some clients with a sweet tooth. This sign lets your guests know that they are free to help themselves to whatever is displayed on the station.


Order of Events

Here is a fun way to display the order of events for the day instead of the traditional printed programs. This sign will be sure to grab the attention of your guests and get them excited for the event proceedings.


Menu & Bar Signs

Food and Beverage signage has always been around, but as time goes by we become more creative in the ways we display buffet menus and cocktails. Some menu cards are done individually for each place setting, some are printed per table while some menu signs are displayed by the buffet.


Bug Spray

Outdoor weddings or events that take place in the evenings are usually affected by insects or mosquitoes, for this reason having bug spray displayed with a sign lets your guests know you were thinking about their comfort.

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