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Personal Flowers

We design and create our bouquets, boutonnieres and corsages in-house to ensure your wedding florals have a consistent theme and design throughout.

Our personal flowers include;

  • Bride's Bouquets

  • Bridesmaids Bouquets

  • Boutonnieres 

  • Corsages (Pinned and Wrist)

  • Flower Crowns

  • Flowers for the Hair

  • Petals for the Flower Girl Basket

  • Malas for Indian Weddings


Click on the link to view of floral catalogue.

Wedding Ceremonies

Ceremonies are the first space that will be enjoyed by your guests and it should set the bar for the rest of the event. The wedding alter or arch is the focal point of the ceremony as the bride and groom will be stationed there for the entire ceremony, for this reason, we work diligently to make this feature perfect.

Some other elements that visually enhance a wedding ceremony are;

  • Personalized Aisle Runners

  • Petals along the aisle

  • Aisle Markers or Pomander Flowers along the aisle

  • Sashes on the chairs

  • Additional Decor at the entrance of the Aisle

  • Florals on the Signing Table

Cocktail Hour Decor

Events are all about family, friends and guests coming together to enjoy the same experience. Whether you are hosting a wedding or any other social event, lounge furniture is the perfect way to get your guests to cozy up.

Cocktail Hour and Cocktail Parties are just not complete without some comfortable seating and tables.

We provide;

  • Ottomans

  • Sofas

  • Decorative Cushions

  • Side Tables

  • High Bistro Tables

The Small Things

Whether you are celebrating your birthday, anniversary or wedding, your event should be a reflection of you. Small details can make any event memorable, whether it was the way the welcome drink was decorated with umbrellas, or names printed on the coconuts, or the surprise fire dancers at the end of the evening, we find ways to make each event unique and special for both the host and their guests.


Centerpieces are the focal point of all dinner tables and these can be simple or quite elaborate. We design our centerpieces to coordinate with the event colours and theme. Most centerpieces have some element of floral arrangements, while others are mainly candles and lanterns. Some of the centerpieces currently being offered are;

  • Tall Floral Centerpieces

  • Low Floral Centerpieces

  • Greenery Garlands

  • Lanterns with Candles

  • Lanterns with Floral Wreath

  • Pillar Candles

  • Pillar Candles with Floral Wreath

  • Candelabras with Taper Candles

  • Driftwood Centerpieces

  • Custom Centerpieces

Reception Decor

Decor for a wedding reception is so expansive as several factors have to be considered. Most destination weddings are hosted outdoors which usually entail the hireage of a tent. We outsource the perfect tent to host your event which best suits your event size and budget. To provide a wholesome service, we drape and decorate all rented tents and everything that goes in it. These include;

  • Tables

  • Chairs

  • Linens

  • Centerpieces

  • Dance Floor

  • Lighting

  • Platform/ Riser

  • Podium

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