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Lighting & Production

Whether you are hosting a large or small event, lighting is extremely important once the function runs into the evening.


Lighting is an essential component of event production but is sometimes overlooked. We work with the best vendors to provide lighting not only for creating a mood or ambiance, but also use lighting for functional purposes, to see special moments like the first dance, and special elements of the event like the wedding or birthday cake or an event logo or promotional feature).




Chandeliers can be found in different materials such as  crystal, nickel, brass, etc. Finding the right chandelier or lighting fixture can transform your space from ordinary to extraordinary. Chandeliers can be draped with greenery and or florals depending on the theme of the event. Custom chandeliers are also available for those unique occasions. 


Fairy Lights

Fairy Lights have become extremely desirable over the past few years and have been used in several applications such as tent draping, over the dance floor, in trees, suspended over a reception or dinner area. These lights are mainly used for decorative purposes as they do not provide adequate functional lighting.


Moving Head Lights

Moving Head Lights otherwise called "Intelligent Lighting" is programmable and can be controlled remotely from a digital control panel or set to a default position based on the clients needs. These lights are mainly used for parties, wedding after parties or corporate events and promotions as they are very powerful and can throw light across far distances in the sky or across a vast venue.



Our Generator is a Diesel 25kva Generator on a trailer that is transported to the event venue the morning of the event fully fueled and is rented for the day.


Dance Floors

Dance Floors are available in White Snap Lock Tiles or Wooden Panels. The size of the Dance Floor is recommended based on the size of the event.


String Lights

String lights are otherwise called "Cafe Lights or Globe Lights". These lights come in a variety of lengths and colours. The most popular lights can be found in white, black or green cord. Most of these lights have replaceable bulbs in the event of breakage. These lights are often found in commercial grade and so they are able to withstand the outdoor elements of rain and sun.


LED Uplights

LED Uplights have been around for a while, but as the years go by they are continuously being improved.


These lights can be found in commercial grade for outdoor use to withstand weather and can be programmed  to suit any event colour scheme. 


Flood Lights

Flood Lights are LED lights that are extremely bright and can illuminate any dark areas such as parking lots, restroom areas, dark pathways, event prep areas or work areas. Usually flood lights are not used for general event lighting or reception lighting as it may be too harsh. 

Flood Lights can be hung on a lighting tower or installed individually in trees or any other convenient location.


Portable Cooling Fans

Our Portable Cooling Fans are not air condition units but are electric fans that are filled with water to activate its cooling capabilities. 

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Platform Risers

Platforms or Risers are usually rented for the Bride and Groom or the entire head table elevation. Platform panels are also used for ceremony aisle runners and for the alter.

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